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Apple confirms 'Report a Problem' button will fight App Store scams, fraud

Credit: Apple

Apple has confirmed that a new "report a problem" button in App Store listings is meant to fight scam apps, and also reminded developers to add account deletion options by January 2022.

In a developer update on Wednesday, Apple said the new button will display on the App Store in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey. Apple had quietly added the button earlier in October, but made no official announcement.

Apple says the new feature will allow users to more easily report concerns or other issues with content they've purchased or downloaded within apps. It's currently available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and will expand to other regions other time.

Additionally, the company has added two new options for users to report scams or frauds and "offensive, abusive, or illegal content" on its report a problem webpage. Apple says that its various App Store teams will investigate these reports and will reach out to developers to resolve problems.

"Problematic apps diminish the App Store experience for users and developers, and we're constantly expanding techniques to identify even more types of problematic content for removal," Apple wrote. "If we suspect that a developer has engaged in purposeful manipulation, fraud or abuse, we will notify them and take action."

Along with the new "report a problem" option, Apple also reminded developers on Wednesday that apps with account creation options must also offer an in-app account deletion option starting on January 31, 2022. Apple announced the requirement during WWDC 2021, alongside other App Store customer initiatives.

The Cupertino company encouraged developers to "review any laws that may require you to maintain certain types of data, and to make sure your app clearly explains what data your app collects, how it collects that data, all uses of that data, your data retention/deletion policies, and more as described in the guideline."