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Titanium & stainless steel Apple Watch Series 7 delivery dates instantly slip to November

Apple Watch Series 7 in (left) stainless steel, (right) titanium

If you preorder an Apple Watch Series 7 in stainless steel or titanium right now, you won't get it until November.

Immediately that Apple started taking preorders for the Apple Watch Series 7, delivery dates began to slip back from the expected October 15. The stainless steel and titanium versions were the first to show a shipping date of November 2-9.

The move to November was so quick that it's possible the stainless steel edition was never available for October 15. Some AppleInsider staff were able to order the titanium edition to be delivered on October 15, but within moments that, too, had slipped to November.

Apple is selling the 41mm stainless steel version from $699, or $749 with cellular. The 45mm version is from $749, or $799 with cellular.

The titanium model starts at $799 for 41mm, $849 for 45mm.