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Safari Technology Preview includes support for 120Hz scrolling on MacBook Pro

Apple's latest Safari Technology Preview build includes support for scrolling animations at 120Hz screen refresh rates, a feature exclusive to the company's new MacBook Pro models with ProMotion.

Issued to developers and members of the public who are interested in testing out advanced Safari features, version 135 of Safari Technology Preview incorporates 120Hz scroll animations suitable for the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro with ProMotion display.

Prior to today's release, owners of the MacBook Pro models complained of a lack of support for the laptops' screen refresh rates. Many apps, including Apple's own first-party titles like Safari, are not capable of pushing graphics up to 120Hz, the maximum allowance for ProMotion hardware.

It is unclear when 120Hz animations will trickle down to the shipping version of Safari, but when the feature is ready to ship, Apple will likely include it in an update to macOS Monterey.

In addition to 120Hz support, the latest Safari Technology Preview includes fixes and additions to Web Inspector and Web Driver, CSS updates, Web API changes including lazy image loading, a color space rendering patch, WebAuthn modifications and more.

Safari Technology Preview 135 can be downloaded from Apple's developer webpage.