How to get a $15 Target gift card with a $100 Apple Gift Card purchase

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Retailer Target is giving a free $15 gift card to buyers of any of Apple's own gift cards at $100 or more in value.

This article is part of our Black Friday Deals coverage. Find the steepest discounts throughout the Thanksgiving weekend.

Target's new Black Friday special is effectively like getting a larger Apple gift card. If a customer buys any Apple Gift card from Target for at least $100, they automatically get this extra to spend on Apple devices and services.

The extra Target gift card is always $15, regardless of the amount spent on Apple, and there is an upper limit. The maximum Apple gift card that can be bought from Target, and qualify for this deal, is $500.

Buyers don't have to especially select the card, nor specify anything at checkout. Simply buying any Apple gift card from $100 up to $500 automatically gets the Target deal added to their checkout basket.

To see this deal, valid from now until November 27, see Target's range of Apple gift cards.

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