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PopSockets PopGrip review: Finally, MagSafe delivers a better PopSocket experience

PopGrip with an enamel Mickey Mouse PopTop

PopSockets PopGrip

5.0 / 5

As long-time skeptics of PopSockets, we've finally come around thanks to a new MagSafe version for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

PopSockets: A cultural phenomenon

PopSockets has a bit of a cult following. Many people seem to have them, and those that don't seem to hate on them regularly. Frankly, we fall into the latter camp. Or, at least, we did.

We had our reasons for our disdain, however. PopSockets couldn't be removed once attached to your phone. A PopSocket semi-permanently affixed to the rear of your phone blocks the use of wireless chargers or changing cases.

PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe

PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe

PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe attaches magnetically to your MagSafe-compatible iPhone case.

They also stopped you from using certain car mounts. And with iPhone 12, they prevented you from using MagSafe. PopSockets would happily sell you specific PopSocket-compatible chargers or mounts, but that wasn't for us.

It's Apple's MagSafe that ultimately presented the solution. PopSockets was able to use the magnets built into both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 to create a removable PopSocket grip, and thus — the PopGrip.

Texting one-handed with the PopGrip
Texting one-handed with the PopGrip

Despite disliking PopSocket's semi-permanent installation, we liked the devices for their added grip as well as the added personalization. We've seen plenty of cool and unique PopTops — more on those soon — and it was an exciting way to represent ourselves.

The PopGrip solved all of our issues with the original PopSockets and presented a near-ideal solution for added convenience.

PopGrip is a standard PopSocket attached to a large oval mount. This oval-shaped portion houses a series of magnets that correspond to the circle of magnets at the center of the phone and the alignment magnet towards the bottom. It has a silicone-covered back to help prevent it from sliding around when connected to your phone.

Remove PopGrip to use your MagSafe charger
Remove PopGrip to use your MagSafe charger

The best part is, you can remove the PopGrip at any time. You can yank the PopGrip off and put the iPhone on a MagSafe mount in your car. Or, you can use MagSafe Duo, a MagSafe cable, occasionally use a MagSafe wallet, connect the MagSafe battery pack, or use any other MagSafe device you have around with the new magnetic model.

The new PopGrip also works directly on the phone or any MagSafe-compatible case. This includes Apple's as well as an ever-growing wealth of third-party options. You can use one phone case one day, go without a phone case the next, then back to a second phone case the day after.

When we attached it to our phone, the magnetic adhesion was strong enough for the iPhone and PopGrip combo to feel secure without the worry of it coming free. In everyday use, there are simply no worries about casual detachment here.

The magnet, combined with the rubberized back, prove to be a potent combination.

With it on our phone, we can slide a finger or two around the PopSocket for added grip while holding our phone. It just makes using your phone easier, particularly when using the iPhone one-handed. PopGrip can also act as a horizontal stand for your phone while watching videos.

Removing the top from the PopGrip
The PopTop removed from the PopGrip

The PopGrip comes in four different colorways. We opted for black, as it was by far the most basic. The included PopTop is color-matched with the magnetic portion. The other options were Blue Nebula, Gold Lutz Marble, and Opal. Those all felt stylized, while black felt more neutral. It also works with other PopTops.

Pick your top

PopSocket tops have always been interchangeable. You had the adhesive part on your phone that stayed put, and you could swap the top portion to match your style.

To change the top, press down and twist counter-clockwise. Both the disc, as well as the collapsable neck, will come free with the twist. The same applies here to the new MagSafe PopGrip.

A glass PopTop with a real daisy encased inside
A glass PopTop with a real daisy encased inside

There are many PopSocket tops you can attach to your PopSocket or PopGrip. There are hundreds of different designs by PopSockets, design-your-own options, and branded designs from various venues.

Different styles of PopTips including glass, spinners, enamel pins, brand collaborations, and prints
Different styles of PopTips including glass, spinners, enamel pins, brand collaborations, and prints

From PopSockets, there are lots of different material choices these days. A basic PopSocket is plastic, such as the mountainside in the group picture or the pre-installed black one.

For a fun twist — literally — there are metal spinner tops. Take the vintage-looking celebratory Coca-Cola top. It acts like a fidget spinner, allowing you to flick and watch it spin for an extended time.

A metal Coca-Cola top that spins
A metal Coca-Cola top that spins

Our favorite ones are the "premium" tops. The glass top above qualifies as a premium top not just because it is glass but also because it has a real daisy. The Disney and snowflake tops are intricate enamel pins with much higher quality and look like they should be attached to the outside of your bag, not on the back of your phone.

PopSockets have come a long way, and these various styles and materials are incredible.

Should you buy the PopSockets PopGrip?

The PopGrip from PopSockets is an excellent use of MagSafe to bring added functionality without using an adhesive to stick something to your phone.

If you liked PopSockets before, this is a significant upgrade. If you weren't a fan of PopSockets because they relied on a permanently attached mounting point, that barrier has been removed.

Show off your personality, add a stand, and add some grip with the PopSockets PopGrip with support for MagSafe.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Where to buy

Grab the PopGrip with support for MagSafe on Amazon for $29.95 and check out the ever-expanding selection of PopTops on the PopSocket website.