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Global iPhone 13 delivery times shrink as supply improves

The supply of current-gen iPhones is improving, with lead times for orders reducing to the best levels since the iPhone 13 launch, analysts say, but Pro models continue to take longer to be delivered than the standard version.

In a note to investors seen by AppleInsider JP Morgan analyst Sam Chatterjee observes that lead times across all iPhone models have moderated on average across all regions its iPhone Availability Tracker covers. The average for delivery times now rests at the lowest level the tracker has seen since the smartphone range became available to purchase.

Lead times for the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 dropped to an average of 2 days, down from 3 days one week ago. The iPhone 13 Pro and Max models are also down, from 10 to 5 days.

"Lead times for the high-end iPhone 13 models still remain elevated relative to the low-end iPhone 13 models, indicating that even as supply is improving across all model SKUs, demand continues to be skewed to the higher-end of the portfolio," the report states.

Global iPhone availability (lead times in days) via JPM

On a regional basis, the non-Pro models have a two-day delivery time in the U.S., rising to four days for the Pro, with the former remaining stable and the latter dropping from the nine days of the previous week. The Pro models also joined the non-Pro in being available for same-day in-store pickup in the U.S., whereas last week the Pro wasn't available in such a capacity.

In China, the six-day and 15-day lead times for the non-Pro and Pro models a week ago dropped down to zero days and seven days respectively. For in-store availability, the non-Pro wasn't available for same-day collection while the Pro was, continuing the trend.

Delivery times in the UK rose from two days to three days for the non-Pro, while Pro delivery times dropped from seven days to three days. For in-store, the Pro Max wasn't available for pick-up, while the iPhone 13, mini, and Pro had a one-day wait.

Germany had a similar marginal rise for non-Pro models over the last week, from three days to four days, while the Pro dropped their times from 8 days to 4 days. In-store pickup is one-day for all models.