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Apple Watch Wallet sync issues found following watchOS 8.4, iOS 15.3 update

A small number of users are having problems with the Apple Wallet, with the Apple Watch version not properly syncing with their iPhone after the latest round of updates.

Apple released a number of updates on Wednesday for its main operating systems, including iOS 15.3 and watchOS 8.4. While the updates were largely a maintenance release, it appears that in a small number of cases, it's introduced a new problem.

For a few select users, updating their iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest public release operating system versions causes the watchOS version of the Apple Wallet app to occasionally synchronize with the iPhone Wallet.

According to a Reddit post, an Apple Support query, and email to AppleInsider, cards and passes added to or removed from the iPhone Wallet are not properly propagating over to the Apple Watch Wallet.

Based on comments, it appears that the problems are only when items from the iPhone are meant to sync with the Apple Watch Wallet. Removing cards and passes on the Apple Watch does result in the same cards being removed from the iPhone Wallet.

The relatively low number of complaints seen by AppleInsider points to it being a not very widespread problem. AppleInsider also couldn't replicate the issue on various devices either.

Users who have contacted Apple Support say it is a problem under investigation, but with no ETA for a fix.