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Apple prepares to dole out pay raises to many U.S. retail employees

As the labor market continues to tighten, Apple will provide raises to employees in hopes of retaining its retail location workers.

This week, Apple began holding store briefings and individual meetings with employees as the Cupertino tech giant prepares to increase the pay of its retail employees.

Salespeople, Genius Bar technical support, and some senior hourly workers will receive a bump in their pay starting this month. The raises will range from 2% to 10%, depending on the store location and role.

According to Bloomberg, the increases are catered to those who worked in Apple retail settings prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to better align veteran staff with recent hires. The increases do not apply to all employees, and not all stores have been notified of changes.

Apple has also planned to significantly increase benefits for Apple Store employees starting in April. The company plans to add sick days and vacation days to retain employees.

In December, it was reported that hourly workers in Apple's retail stores and the company's support call centers have revealed how poor conditions have led to struggles to pay rent — and even to suicide.