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App Store users spend more than double what Google Play users do on subscriptions

App Store customers spend more than double on subscriptions compared to Google Play

For 2021, the top 100 non-game App Store subscriptions generated $13.5 billion in revenue versus $4.8 billion in Google Play — although Google Play spending is growing faster.

Apple's App Store generally sees the most money spent on apps, subscriptions, and in-app purchases compared to Google and other competitors. Data from Sensor Tower backs this up yet again for 2021, with customer spending reaching a new record high of $13.5 billion spent on the top 100 non-gaming subscriptions globally.

According to the report, App Store subscription spending grew 31% year over year from $10.3 billion. Google Play saw over twice as much growth at 78% to $4.8 billion.

Despite this growth, Google Play spending is still less than half that of Apple's App Store. The numbers for US-only spending show similar results, with the App Store netting $6 billion versus Google Play's $2.5 billion.

Top subscription apps for 2021. Image credit: Sensor Tower
Top subscription apps for 2021. Image credit: Sensor Tower

Google apps saw the highest income across both platforms for YouTube and Google One subscriptions. YouTube generated $1.2 billion in worldwide revenue with Google One at $1.1 billion.

Apple boasts it has over 785 million paid subscriptions in the App Store. This includes non-Apple subscriptions like those made for apps and services.

Individual subscriptions are not broken out by Apple, so it isn't known how much customers spend on Apple Music, Apple TV+, or Apple's other services. Apple reports these revenues in a single category called "Services" during earnings calls.