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OtterBox's Disney Anniversary iPhone case review: Fun, but lacks MagSafe

The three styles of OtterBox's Disney World anniversary cases

Otterbox Symmetry Disney 50th Anniversary Collection

3.5 / 5

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OtterBox's collection of Disney World iPhone cases pair the popular Symmetry case with nostalgic and retro imagery, though they lack support for Apple's MagSafe.

This new lineup was released at the tail end of 2021 to celebrate Disney World's 50th anniversary. It's a limited edition run and only available until they sell out.

The cases are available in three unique styles.

Our favorite of the new collection
Our favorite of the Disney collection

One variant has the iconic Cinderella castle on a dark blue background. Mickey and the gang are in the foreground, while fireworks are in the background alongside a weathered Disney stamp.

The second one opts for light blue background and highlights several highlights from Disney World, including the Epcot ball and the aforementioned castle. Finally, the last case appears to be a stylized compass rose.

Disney has woven plenty of little details into the case's artwork, giving it a vintage vibe. Eagle-eyed users can spot multiple iconic Disney World attractions such as the castle and the Epcot globe.

Your phone is well-protected

This collection is based on the OtterBox Symmetry collection. Symmetry cases are popular because they offer a great balance between protection and bulk.

Inside of the Disney cases
Inside of the Disney cases

The inside of the case is bare-bones with just a topographical map pattern and a Disney logo. Despite the stark interior, these cases offer plenty of drop protection, with OtterBox claiming they can withstand tumbles three times the mil-spec rating.

MIL-STD-810G 516.6 says a phone can withstand repetitive drops from 48 inches onto concrete, which means the Symmetry case should protect your phone during a 12-foot drop.

Ample protection with the Symmetry case
Ample protection with the Symmetry case

All parts of your phone are protected, including the bottom ports and the display. Since the case wraps around the edge of the phone, your screen is safe if you ever place it face down.

The buttons can be stiff
The buttons can be stiff to press

The buttons can be a little stiff, which is a common note about the Symmetry cases. They're easy to find, but the rubber-like material doesn't provide as much feedback when pressed.

Should you buy the 50th anniversary Disney collection from Otterbox?

It's hard to argue with the style of these cases. They're undoubtedly fun and will be loved by any Disney fan.

The OtterBox Disney collection
The OtterBox Disney collection

Our only issue is the lack of MagSafe. Our frustration is compounded because OtterBox already makes other MagSafe-enabled cases, including versions of the Symmetry series.

Without MagSafe, we can't use any MagSafe chargers, any MagSafe stands, any MagSafe wallets, or any other accessories that rely on Apple's magnetic system. We already have a collection of these accessories, and it would be a dealbreaker for a case not to support it.

If you haven't bought into MagSafe yet, there's no reason not to check out these cases. But if you have, you may need to wait for the next Disney anniversary collection.


  • Uses popular Symmetry case design
  • Nostalgic and lovable images for Disney World's 50th anniversary
  • Plenty of protection for daily use


  • Lack any support for MagSafe, despite support on other OtterBox cases
  • Buttons can be hard to press

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Grab yours, while you can

These cases are only available for a limited time. You can find all three styles available now on Amazon for $59.99 each in a variety of sizes including the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lines.