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Peloton's new Apple Watch integration encourages users to 'close your rings'

Fitness purvayor Peloton has rolled out one tap Apple Watch integration for its Bike, Bike+, Tread, or App workouts.

To log a Peloton workout, users need to set up the Peloton app on their Apple Watch. Once set up, the app will send a notification to the Apple Watch as soon as a user starts a Peloton class.

The app will monitor a user's heart rate, allowing Peloton to calculate a user's Strive Score. The Strive Score will enable users to visualize how much time users spend in each heart rate zone. It's a handy way to compare performance across all workouts, including cycling, strength, HIIT, and bootcamp workouts.

While Peloton initially saw massive sales spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, the fitness firm halted production of bikes and treadmills in January. The company was left with a surplus of equipment after the demand for at-home workout equipment died down.

In February, the company gained a new CEO and laid off roughly 20% of its workforce — around 2,800 people.

That same month, it was suggested that Peloton had begun courting potential buyers. One purportedly interested party was Amazon, reportedly speaking to advisors about a potential purchase.