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Google I/O developer conference is on May 11 and May 12

Google has announced the dates for its annual Google I/O developer conference and it will be totally virtual and free to watch online.

The annual conference is where Google shows off its latest changes to the Android operating systems as well as some new concepts or software which are periodically available on iOS as well. The 2022 Google I/O will take place on May 11 and May 12 and will have a "limited live audience" but will be streamed online. It's not clear what "limited live audience" means, in this context, or if it will be just Google employees and partners.

Google I/O was canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus and was also virtual in 2021.

Like Apple's WWDC, Google I/O has historically invited developers around the world to Mountainview, CA for in-person announcements and developer sessions. There was always a lot of fanfare around the event and Google often attempted to make the primary keynote entertaining.

Sessions and the main keynote were always streamed or published online for free viewing, but developers had to pay to show up in person. Google will not be charging for any sessions or the conference as a whole due to its digital nature.

As it has in previous years, it has a puzzle for viewers to solve.

Companies continue to turn to digital formats for events and presentations. It isn't yet clear if companies like Apple will want to return to in-person events given the reception of its digital events.

Apple's iPhone SE and Mac Studio event was streamed. At this time, The 2022 WWDC is expected to be online-only as well.

Google has more information about the event on a FAQ page.