Apple developers facing bug preventing them from distributing apps

Apple developer bug

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Apple developers are apparently running into an issue or bug that is preventing them from validating or distributing apps on the App Store.

Reports of the issue first surfaced early Tuesday morning when a developer posted about getting an "error analyzing app version" popup when attempting to distribute their app.

In the nine hours since that first post, the Developer Forums post has racked up more than 15 pages of comments from other developers who are running into the same issue.

Apple acknowledges that there is an issue with the AMP - Developer Content Delivery system on its developer status page. However, it isn't clear whether that is connected to the distribution and validation bug.

The bug appears to be ongoing, with the most recent posts surfacing around 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday.

Some developers note that removing derived data and archives previously generated with the same app version could fix the issue. In some cases, however, it takes multiple attempts to bypass the bug — and some developers note that the workaround didn't alleviate it for them.