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Netflix could follow Apple TV+ in producing live streaming video

Netflix's next move could be into streaming live programming, a feature that Apple TV+ has offered its users for just over a month.

As the behemoth of streaming, Netflix is on the lookout for the next potential hit feature to encourage higher subscriptions. After years of shaking up the broadcast industry with on-demand streams, it seems that the streamer may actually go down the live content route.

According to Deadline, Netflix is looking into whether to offer live streaming to its users. Netflix has previously confirmed it was in the early stages of creating a live streaming solution, but had yet to announce a formal introduction of live content.

It is proposed that the live capability could be used in competition series like the upcoming dance contest "Dance 100," or potentially as part of a revival of the Netflix Is A Joke festival with live sets. Live reunion shows for reality TV has also been proposed.

The live streaming wouldn't strictly be one-way, as it is thought that live voting could be included in the feature. For competition shows, the home audience could potentially vote on a winner, or to vote to eliminate contestants, all live.

If Netflix goes ahead with live show streams, it would bring Netflix in line with more traditional broadcasters with time-based schedules. It will also be more aligned with other streaming services that already provide live streams of broadcast networks, such as YouTube TV and Hulu.

Unusually, Apple has already beaten Netflix into the live streaming space. With the start of MLB "Friday Night Baseball" in April, Apple TV+ has provided regular live-streamed content to its users around the world.

So far, it seems that Netflix may not use such a feature for sports broadcasting at this time.