Apple Card users reporting missing transactions in Wallet app

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A new bug has resulted in many Apple Card users unable to see transactions that have taken place over the past few days.

The error in question happens in the Apple Wallet App, where transactions from the past few days may be missing.

Interestingly enough, most affected users have noted that the balance on their card is correct, even if some transactions are absent.

As 9to5mac points out, some reddit users have speculated that this is an issue with the recent iOS 15.5 update. However, one AppleInsider staffer noted missing transactions on a phone that had not been updated.

This suggests that the issue is likely server-side rather than a bug introduced with a new update.

Apple has not acknowledged the issue yet, and the System Status page does not report any ongoing Apple Card errors.

Apple recently updated the Wallet app, upgrading Apple Pay fraud prevention features for Visa-based cards stored within.