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Apple Music stops pushing apps out of the dock in the iOS 15.6 beta

The Apple Music app would always install in the dock thanks to an iOS programming quirk

The bug that saw Apple Music push any app out of the fourth position in the iPhone dock has been fixed in the latest iOS developer beta.

Given the rivalry between Apple Music and Spotify, the fact that Apple's app would mysteriously push Spotify's out of iPhone docks was seen to be suspicious. However, Apple reached out to AppleInsider to say that this behavior was a bug, and that it was being investigated.

Now it appears to have been investigated and also fixed in the second developer beta for iOS 15.6. As spotted by YouTuber Aaron Zollo, the latest iOS 15.6 no longer replaces Spotify in the dock.

Zollo was previously the first to find the macro photography toggle control for the iPhone 13 range, in a beta for iOS 15.2.