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EU about to finalize law that would require Apple to use USB-C on iPhones

Europe's ongoing debate and litigation over making USB-C the required standard charging port for all smartphones may be finalized on June 7, 2022.

The EU has previously been reported to be nearing agreement, following its proposals evolving for more than a decade. Now the final decision may be made as soon as June 6, 2022.

According to Reuters, lawmakers and representatives from EU counties are now due to meet on that date. It's the second such meeting on the topic, and unnamed sources say that there is a strong push to get the decision done.

As well as requiring a USB-C charging port on smartphones, however, the latest version of the proposal extends this to laptops. Lawmakers now also want to create an agreed standard for wireless charging.

Both of these issues could delay the decision. Extending the USB-C charging point to laptops, for instance is likely to affect Samsung. The European Commission wants a longer lead-time than some members do for all-wireless charging standards.

Apple has not specifically commented on the June 7 meeting, but it has previously argued strongly that forcing the adoption of USB-C could create more e-waste.

Separately, it's been rumored that 2023's iPhone 15 will adopt USB-C.

If mandated, the law would replace the existing micro-USB mandate. It's not clear what will happen if a future version of USB replaces the USB-C connector with another form factor.