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WaterField Design's Mac Studio Travel Bag holds your Mac and its accessories

The WaterField Design Mac Studio Travel Bag and its contents

WaterField Designs has introduced the Mac Studio Travel Bag, a carry case for the desktop Mac that can also hold important accessories while looking sharp.

Following the success of the Mac Studio Shield Case in March, WaterField Designs went back to the drawing board to create a bag with the same clean designs, but with more space. Now, the accessory producer is trying to answer that problem with the Mac Studio Travel Bag.

Made from tan waxed canvas with a full-grain leather front panel in chocolate, the Mac Studio Travel Bag retains the same high-quality appearance as others in the WaterField range. A clamshell bag, it includes waterproof zippers and leather-lined handles, as well as D-rings for attaching an optional strap.

You can pack a lot into the WaterField Design Mac Studio Travel Bag
You can pack a lot into the WaterField Design Mac Studio Travel Bag

Measuring 12.5 inches by 8.6 inches and 5.5 inches deep, the bag has ample space for a lot of items, with two smaller compartments flanking the main Mac Studio section. The Mac is protected by a plush cocoon, complete with quarter-inch closed-cell foam for protection, along with an extra 6mm of high-grade neoprene on the base.

The chambers, which are also plush-lined, can fit an assortment of accessories including long cords, a mouse, and a medium-sized hard drive. Another protective internal pocket can be used to house the Magic Keyboard.

A full-sized front zippered pocket can be used to hold more items, such as a Magic Trackpad, a medium Wacom Tablet, or a numeric pad. In effect, you can carry practically everything you need to get the most out of the Mac Studio with you in the bag, except the display.

Shipping from June 17, WaterField Design's Mac Studio Travel Bag is priced at $179. An optional 1.5-inch Supreme Suspension Strap is available for $49, while a 1.5-inch Simple Strap costs $25.