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Original Apple-1 computer signed by Steve Wozniak sold for $340,100

One of the surviving Apple I computers that was restored with nearly all "period-correct components," was auctioned off on eBay for a six-figure sum.

An eBay listing by The AAPL Collection for an original Apple-1, refurbished to fully working order, and signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has sold for $340,100. At the time of listing on May 31, it was believed to be the only model with Wozniak's signature on the Motorola 6502 processor.

The listing, which saw 112 bids, ended on Sunday, June 12.

According to the seller, the Apple-1 "has been professionally restored" to be almost entirely composed of original parts. The AAPL Collection noted that while it contains "almost all period-correct components" that would fit an original Apple-1 NTI board as it was manufactured in 1976, four Texas Instruments-branded ICs had been used that were dated 1977.

The Apple co-founder signed it for the seller in 2021, when both parties met in Dubai.

Included in the description of the listing was the results of the last five auctions of Apple-1 models that are similar to this one. The least expensive was sold for $458,711, while the same model, minus Wozniak's signature, was sold for $736,862.

This makes this current sale far lower than the five sales listed, and short of the $450,000 sale price that was projected.