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Pitaka unveils PitaTag AirTag case ecosystem, FlipBook Case for iPad Pro

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On Tuesday, Pitaka held its Ecosystem live event, introducing a new product range called PitaTag surrounding Apple's AirTag, alongside a new FlipBook Case designed for iPads.

The PitaTag is a new product ecosystem that consists of a series of everyday essentials that are integrated with an AirTag case. Designed to be portable and compact, they can be attached to a keychain, bag, or other items so you have both easy access to them as well as keeping track of where they are with AirTag.

PitaTag Range

The first three products in the range are Pita! Tag for Multi-tool, PitaTag for Cable, and PitaTag for Lighter.

PitaTag for Multitool is a minimalist multitool the size of a car key. Despite its small size, it incorporates four essential tools: a slot-type screwdriver, a cross head screwdriver, a 2.0-caliber Allen key, and a pocket knife.

PitaTag for Multitool

Able to handle essential tasks, the PitaTag for Multi-tool includes a keyring so you can keep it at hand wherever you are. If you put AirTag in the tool, you'll also never lose them, since you'll be able to use Apple's Find My network to track it down.

PitaTag for Cable is an MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable, which you can use as a lanyard when it's not required, but need to keep on hand. It can be easily attached to a bag or other items so it can be at the ready for times when you forget to bring a charging cable with you on a trip.

PitaTag for Cable
PitaTag for Cable

All you do is twist open the lid of the lanyard for access and you can quickly connect it up to your devices. To make it easier to pack away, the cable connectors are magnetic to avoid any tangling of the cord.

Again, you can use AirTag with the accessory so you don't lose your cable, nor whatever you attached it to for safekeeping. That AirTag is held in a case with the company's signature aramid fiber style, which is stylish and protective.

PitaTag for Cable will be available in August.

Pitaka also covered the PitaTag for Lighter, which combines a lighter and AirTag case together. While smokers may easily lose a small yet essential item like a lighter, it can just as easily be needed for a variety of tasks and emergency situations, such as to light a campfire or to burn away errant threads.

PitaTag for Lighter will be launching later in 2022.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Following on from the Pita!Flow for Tablets ecosystem created by the company two years ago, the latest tablet-focused product joins that ecosystem. The FlipBook Case for iPad is a bag for your iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard that lets you take the entire assembly anywhere.

FlipBook Case for iPad
FlipBook Case for iPad

Once you stick the Magic Keyboard to the bag, along with the iPad Pro, it becomes one unit that can be used anywhere. The Magic Keyboard opens when you open the bag like a book, and everything folds together once the bag closes.

This saves users the step of having to pull the hardware from a storage bag before opening it up, or closing it before putting it away, as that action is part of the design.

Along with the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard, there's a side pocket made from a unique carbon fiber cloth that can hold essentials such as keys or a lighter. The combination of black carbon fiber and orange leather provides both luxury and protection, while maintaining a minimalist business style.

Tease of PitaGo

As part of the event, Pitaka discussed its future plans for another product ecosystem in development. Pita!Go will be a series of carbon fiber suitcases designed with a traveller's needs in mind, such as short business trips, recreational travel, and so on.

That system will consist of modular suitcases, which will have easily replaced parts and able to be recycled conveniently.

More information about Pita!Go will be released in the winter.

Pitaka's ecosystem

Pitaka also discussed its mission of simplifying its customers' lives by building ecosystems in smarter, sustainable ways, and by using and reusing the finest materials.

Top make it a reality, it has a three-step plan, starting with Eco Living, to rethink and design products in a way of ecosystems.

Under Eco Production, it wants to recycle Pitaka products and re-produce them into new items. For Eco Development, it intends to eliminate any obstacles related to reusing composite materials, while also improving technology and efficiency.

Pitaka's material science

As part of Pitaka's event early this morning, the company also announced that the sustainability of the company will be improved by continued technological development.

The company demonstrated that it has discovered a way to separate resins from carbon fiber material for recycling and showed how during the event.

The company says that the resins can be reclaimed for the chemical processing of new resin, which is a relatively new development in the recycling process of carbon fiber materials. Additionally, the company notes that the carbon fiber itself can be reutilized in other materials and in manufacturing as well.

Pitaka says that there will be both more product families and recycling efforts and research demonstrated in the future.

The Pitaka live event is available to rewatch on its website.