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'Captain America' star Chris Evans finally gives up his iPhone 6s

Moving from iPhone 6s to what looks like an iPhone 13. (Source: Chris Evans on Instagram.)

He had an Android phone in "Knives Out," and at least saw new devices while filming Apple TV+ "Defending Jacob," but actor Chris Evans was a long-time iPhone 6s user — until now.

Not to spoil the 2019 hit "Knives Out," but there was a reason Chris Evans character had to have an Android phone. It's less clear exactly when the actor got himself an iPhone 6s, but it came out in 2015 and the last ones were sold in 2018.

Now Evans has announced that he's switching phones, and it's specifically because of the mounting problems with his aging iPhone 6s. In posts on Twitter and Instagram, he wrote a little eulogy to his departing phone.

His Instagram posting has had over a million likes in under 12 hours, while the Twitter one has had half a million, plus an ever-growing discussion thread. The Twitter responses that stay on topic include ones reassuring him that you soon forget the home button.

Evans does not actually say what iPhone he's switched to. But the post on Instagram includes a photo of him transferring data from the iPhone 6s to what looks like a model of either iPhone 12, or iPhone 13.