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Master iOS 15 with this new AppleInsider book

Now available on Kindle and Apple Books is the "AppleInsider iOS 15 Tip Book," a thorough guide to every feature and option in Apple's operating system.

AppleInsider has spent a year examining and investigating every aspect of iOS 15 — and doing it for real-world use, too. Real-world, practical use that includes making an ebook for both Apple Books and Amazon Kindle.

You can test a new feature and understand what it does, but when you use and rely on that feature for actual work, you truly come to know its strengths and weaknesses.

Everyone is different, though, and everyone uses their iPhones in different ways. So as well as every writer on AppleInsider living and working with iOS 15 since its launch, every AppleInsider writer has contributed to the new book.

AppleInsider iOS 15 Tips Book

AppleInsider iOS 15 Tip Book

AppleInsider takes you through everything you need to know about using Apple's iOS 15 in the real world.

Full of short chapters that are fun to read but get to the point right away, you can read the "AppleInsider iOS 15 Tip Book" from start to finish and come away knowing everything.

But you can also take a dive into just the areas that most interest you. If you have a problem with Tab Groups in Safari, it's here. Check your AirTags battery level, set up CarPlay, get on top of notifications — it's all here.

With more than 40 chapters, this is the definitive guide to iOS 15. If you've stuck with iOS 14, then you'll still learn a lot — but you'll also come away certain that iOS 15 is worth the update.

Buy the "AppleInsider iOS 15 Tip Book" on Apple Books or Amazon Kindle now. And in the spirit of using Apple tools to do real work, take a look at our detailed feature on how exactly to produce ebooks using a Mac.

"AppleInsider iOS 15 Tip Book" is the direct result of that comprehensive article. We hope you like it.