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Apple Watch Pro bands & faces will focus heavily on fitness

Some of our favorite Apple Watch bands

Hours after the design of the Apple Watch Pro was confirmed, two new reports say that there will be new fitness information faces, and extreme sports-oriented watch bands.

Monday has been loaded with Apple rumors, including the leak of the case colors for the iPhone 14, and a series of reports surrounding the Apple Watch Pro. In amplifying remarks, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has discussed the device in further detail.

In one Tweet he says that the Apple Watch Pro has rounded sides, like the Apple Watch Series 7. Additionally, the rumored extra button is said to be a multi-purpose button, customizable by the user.

Specifically, that button is said to be able to fire up a specific app, workout, or feature of the Watch.

Later, Gurman elaborates on the Apple Watch Pro ecosystem. Reportedly, there will be "info dense faces for fitness metrics." Additionally, the new set of Apple Watch bands for the device will be "wide ranging" and lean into extreme sports.

It's not yet clear if the existing bands for the Apple Watch will fit on the Apple Watch Pro.

Other recent rumors about the Apple Watch Pro have predicted that it will be larger than the Apple Watch to date. Pricing is said to be $900 or more.