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Brands are announcing a huge array of products ready for market, including new Hue bulbs and Eve's new Thread-enabled light switch. We break it all down on the latest episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast.

Hue had the most news this week with 15 announcements for its portfolio. For smart lights, the smart home company is offering new candelabra bulbs that can change white temperature, a gradient light strip for computer monitors, and new Guide Lights to create a striking statement lamp.

Signify also had new software changes such as the ability to sync with all music on Android devices via Samsung SmartThings, a security mode to mimic your presence, and the folding of the Hue Sync Box app into the primary Hue app.

Eve Systems had news as well. It updated its long-overdue light switch with support for Thread. The switch will also now work with three-way switch setups.

Unrelated to Eve's other news, the brand confirmed on Twitter that a new Flare light with Thread support was on its way. The brand promised it would bring the light to market by early 2023 at the latest.

Finally, Ikea announced a new Matter-compatible hub. It's set to launch this October, likely to coincide with the official release of Matter.

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