iOS 16.1 AirPlay & HomeKit changes, Yale Assure 2, Smartmi humidifier

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On the latest episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, your hosts discuss the new Yale Assure Lock 2, Smartmi's unique humidifier, discuss the iOS 16.1 beta and how it applies to Homekit users, and more recent smart home news.

The Yale Assure Lock 2 is the smart lock maker's most recent addition. It has a smaller footprint and is available in both keyed and keyless variations and with physical buttons or touch-sensitive buttons. It supports HomeKit but you'll be able to use a Matter module in the future.

We also got an early look at a new humidifier from Smartmi. Smartmi is known for its air purifiers and this new humidifier has an uncommon appearance with a clear water reservoir in the center.

In the current beta of IOS 16.1, code references were spotted that may allude to newfound AirPlay abilities that allow permanent groupings of AirPlay 2 speakers, which would include HomePods. The functionality is not currently active but it could be released with a future version of iOS.

Finally, we break down the news of an advocacy group that has called on Amazon to cancel the release of Ring Nation, a reality show made up of footage from Ring doorbell cameras. Hosted by Wanda Sykes, the advocacy groups say this could normalize a surveillance state facilitated by Ring's cameras.

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