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Magic Keyboard Folio for new iPad will cost you $249

Magic Keyboard Folio for 10th-gen iPad

Apple has introduced the Magic Keyboard Folio for the new iPad, a keyboard and stand similar to the iPad Pro version.

Launched alongside the updated 10.9-inch iPad, the Magic Keyboard Folio for iPad is a cover for the tablet that also incorporates a keyboard. Covering both the front and rear, the Magic Keyboard Folio consists of a back cover and a detachable front, with the latter holding the keyboard itself.

The keyboard uses a scissor mechanism with 1mm of travel, and has a 17-key function row along the top. At the bottom is a large trackpad that also supports multi-touch gestures.

Despite using the "Magic Keyboard" name as its iPad Pro accessory counterpart, the Magic Keyboard Folio doesn't use a floating hinge to angle the iPad at the user. Instead, the rear cover has a built-in kickstand flap to stand it up.

As a magnetic two-part system, you can also use just the back cover on its own, with the keyboard stowed away for storage when not required.

The Apple Store lists the Magic Keyboard Folio, compatible only with the 10th-generation iPad, for $249.