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Ikea's Matter hub, VOCOlinc floor lamp review, & more on HomeKit Insider

HomeKit Insider

On this week's episode of the Homekit Insider podcast, your hosts talk about the new Matter hub from Ikea, review the VOCOlinc floor lamp, and much more.

After being announced earlier this year, the Ikea Dirigera smart hub with Matter support will finally be released on November 1. It will work with all major smart home platforms including Apple HomeKit.

We also saw a new set of vertical blinds on the horizon from Aqara. This new controller won't necessarily come to the US but we are awaiting official confirmation from Aqara.

Then your hosts break down the differences between the old and new Apple TV 4K as well as between the cheaper and more expensive models.

We wrap the show by reviewing the new VOCOlinc floor lamp. Coming in significantly cheaper than the Hue Signe Floor Lamp, the VOCOlinc option is merely a light strip and a diffuser in a plastic post.

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