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Samsung mocks Apple with new 'On the Fence' ad

Positing that Apple always makes iPhone users wait for useful features, Samsung has a new ad that tells people to come over to its Android phones.

Samsung is continuing its long run of mocking Apple for the iPhone 14, for removing power adapters, and so on. For once, however, this new ad is unlikely to have to be pulled after Samsung later copies Apple exactly.

In an ad called "On the Fence," a smartphone user climbs atop an actual fence, which divides an Apple Store-like environment from a barely-seen paradise of trees and nature.

Another Apple user is shown drawn to the fence climber's report of folding phones on the "other side," and an Apple Genius-like person pressing her back.

"You don't want to leave," says the Genius-like man. "We're waiting for all that to come over here."

When asked why users have to wait, he explains: "Because that's what we do. We wait."

"Time to get off the fence," concludes the ad. "A Galaxy awaits you." Although, curiously, the first smartphone user does not then get off the fence.