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Action mode shown off in latest iPhone 14 Pro promo

Action mode is available for iPhone 14 models

Apple commissioned a short video showing off the iPhone 14 Pro Action mode in four situations that typically require a gimbal.

Action mode is a feature available in iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models that offer incredible video stabilization. It is a separate video feature that must be toggled on, and it reduces the recorded resolution to 2.8K.

The new video, titled "Testing Action mode," shows four situations in which extra equipment would normally be required to steady footage. However, handheld footage came out clear, thanks to Action mode.

The first test was performed with a handoff between camera operators that involved a little parkour. The second test involved a trampoline jump to get in-air footage.

Test number three had a camera operator run up a wall while filming 360-degree footage. The final test had a camera operator stuffed into a large tire that was rolled down the street.

All the footage was compared between Action mode and non-stabilized video with great effect. While not always perfect, the video stabilization offered by the software is much better than nothing.