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Second iOS Rapid Security Response update sent to iOS 16.2 beta testers

iOS 16.2 beta 3 gets second Security Response update test

Users on the third iOS 16.2 beta have been given a second Rapid Security Response update as Apple tests the feature.

Apple intends to use Rapid Security Response updates in the future to quickly address discovered security vulnerabilities that are being actively exploited. The third beta of iOS 16.2 has already had one Rapid Security Response update sent out as a test.

The update can be found in the Settings app in the same place a normal update appears. This update is shown as iOS Security Response 16.2 (b) version 20C7750490f.

Users that trigger the Security Response update are given the ability to revert to the previous iOS version during this test. It isn't clear if the option to revert to a previous version will remain in the public version of iOS 16.2.