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New Apple Fitness+ Weekly Workout Streak award is coming

A new Weekly Workout Streak award is coming to Apple Fitness+, encouraging users to take at least one workout every week.

The new weekly workout streak was first spotted in beta test versions of iOS 16 back in July, but now it has officially been announced. Unveiled in an Apple Fitness+ email, the new award is a gentle encouragement.

"Earn the Fitness+ Weekly Workout Streak award by doing at least one Fitness+ workout per week," says Apple, "then see how long you can keep it up."

As of iOS 16, there are more awards related to specific fitness workouts. However, there are no conditions for this award on what sort of workout, or what duration, or any frequency above once a week.

It's all part of a new drive to encouraging more users to keep active with Apple Fitness+, which includes making it possible to use the service without an Apple Watch.