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Belkin renews environmental commitment with updated product line

At the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, Belkin celebrated 40 years by recommitting its commitment to minimizing its environmental impact.

Belkin wasn't showing off new products at CES this year so much as it was refocusing on the growing company's environmental footprint.

Technically, there are new products from Belkin as much of its mobile power line is being updated with new housing materials that are comprised of 73 to 75 percent post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) as well as new plastic-free packaging.

The accessory maker is targeting 2025 to be 100 percent carbon neutral for scope 1 and 2 emissions and is at work on scope 3 emissions.

By using PCR plastics it takes single-use plastics destined for the landfill and repurposes them. There are initially six products that will be updated with more to follow.

The newly updated products include:

  • BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Car Charger 10W
  • BoostCharge USB-C PD 3.0 PPS Wall Charger 25W
  • BoostCharge Dual USB-C PD Wall Charger 40W
  • BoostCharge Pro 4-port GaN Charger 108W
  • BoostCharge Pro Dual USB-C Wall Charger with PPS 45W
  • BoostCharge Pro Dual USB-C Wall Charger with PPS 65W

Cosmetically, users will be near unable to discern the previous products versus the PCR products. They will start to hit store shelves later this year.

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