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Satechi reveals 200W 6-Port USB-C GaN charger at CES 2023

Satechi 200W charger

Satechi has unveiled a 200W gallium nitride charger with six ports to charge a Mac, iPad, and other devices.

Announced at CES 2023, the charger has six USB-C PD ports - two USB-C Power Delivery 3.1 and four USB-C Power Delivery 3.0. The next-generation gallium nitride (GaN) technology is roughly three times as efficient as silicon-based chargers.

Swapping out silicon for GaN also allows Satechi to reduce the size of the charger without compromising power. As a result, it's an ideal charger for powering devices at home and while traveling.

Satechi 200W 6-Port PD GaN Charger

The charger has advanced power distribution that automatically adjusts based on the number of ports used and devices connected. For example, it achieves 140W when one device is connected to either USB-C 3.1 ports and up to 200W total when additional ports are used.

The powerful charger has six USB-C ports
The powerful charger has six USB-C ports

Satechi has CE and ETL certifications for the charger, providing an efficient and safe charge for connected devices. In addition, it's compatible with USB-C and Thunderbolt devices.

Pricing & Availability

Satechi's 200W 6-Port Power Delivery GaN charger is available for preorder through Satechi for $149.99 and will begin shipping in quarter two of 2023. Additionally, customers can receive 20% off preorders with the code CES20.

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