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New Apple ads show off iPhone 14 Action Mode and iOS 16 Undo Send in Messages

Apple has shared a pair of new ads highlighting the iPhone 14's new stabilization feature and iOS 16's ability to unsend messages sent via iMessage.

The first ad features a man sitting at a counter next to a lizard he was pet-sitting. The lizard appears dead, and he regretfully sends a text informing the lizard's owner of the pet's death. Shortly after, the lizard springs to life, and the man quickly revokes the message.

Undo Send was introduced in iOS 16 and allowed users to "unsend" a message for up to two minutes after it is sent.

The second ad features a proud mom running alongside her son in a race, capturing his performance on her iPhone 14. The ad shows how even as the mom shakes the camera while running, the footage is smooth.

Action Mode is designed to replicate image stabilization typically only achieved with a gimbal.

Apple previously showed off Action Mode in November.