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SmartThings app on iOS now supports Matter

Samsung SmartThings app

Samsung has updated SmartThings, its smart home app on iOS, with support for the Matter device protocol to help expand device ecosystems.

In October, Samsung updated the SmartThings platform and has now integrated it into its mobile app.

The 642MB app is available from the App Store and requires iOS 13 or later, iPhone 6s or later and iPad mini 4 or later. It's compatible with hundreds of smart home brands and devices, such as appliances, speakers, and other smart devices.

Matter is a new protocol for smart home devices designed to expand the smart home ecosystem and make devices more straightforward for people to use and integrate with their homes. Devices from different ecosystems, such as Homekit and SmartThings, can communicate with each other over Wi-Fi, Thread, and ethernet.

SmartThings Requirements

Samsung has a support page that lists various requirements that people need to use Matter devices. First, a Matter commissioner connects the Matter device to a Matter Controller during the onboarding process, and the SmartThings app acts as a commissioner.

There is also a software requirement for SmartThings to act as a Matter commissioner, which is different from the requirement to download and run the app. For example, an iOS device needs to run iOS 16.2 or higher and SmartThings App version 1.6.94 or higher.

SmartThings 2018 Hub
SmartThings 2018 Hub

Next, people will need a Matter Controller, a hub responsible for controlling the Matter device after adding it to a network. Samsung Matter controllers include the SmartThings 2018 Hub (IM6001-V3P01) running a firmware version 45.9 or higher, and Aeotec Smart Home Hub.

Finally, Matter devices are the last component to get started with a smart home. As long as the device has the Matter badge, users can connect it to any supported Matter Controller in the SmartThings app.

The Matter badge on the packaging will indicate if the device needs a Matter controller with a Thread border router.