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Google bizarrely believes that iPhone photos can be fixed on a Pixel

The new "FixedOnPixel" ad from Google

Google is teasing an announcement with an ad that shows an iPhone user asking an Android user to fix their blurry photo.

The video implies that the Android user has a Google Pixel phone since the company used the hashtag "FixedOnPixel." It also suggests that the other person is an iPhone user because the conversation uses blue and green bubbles.

At the end of the 20-second video, the text says, "Get the fix on 2.12.23."

It's not likely to be an announcement of a new Pixel smartphone since Google releases new models in the fall, such as the Pixel 7 in October. Instead, it might be a new or improved feature that could automatically enhance photos sent through messages or a tool that is specific to Google's RCS messaging implementation.

It's an odd situation in which a Pixel owner could save the day by fixing blurry or low-quality photos from others. Perhaps the iPhone user had unwittingly turned on Low Quality Image Mode in Settings.

Nevertheless, Google still has the February 12 event scheduled. In the meantime, the company should look into hardware problems with the Pixel 7.