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If you need an instant vintage Apple collection, here's where to get it

If you always wanted a pile of old Apple hardware, a retro computing website is selling its vast lot of old Macs, displays, drives, printers and Mac paraphernalia.

The seller,, has been storing and cataloging classic Apple documents online for decades. It is now selling a huge vintage Mac collection, on eBay, due to time constraints and presumably storage ones as well.

The giant collection includes over 500 Mac-related items, including Apple Lisa computers, Macs, add-in cards, displays, printers, and old Mac laptops. It also includes not just whole units, but also spare parts for Apple's first laser printer, the LaserWriter.

Other items we spot are a few Color Classics, assorted Farallon networking equipment, what appears to be an Apple II or Apple II+ prior to the Apple-key introduction on the keyboard, and more.

The sale is for the entire lot only, and it will not be broken up. It is located in Santa Barbara, CA, and includes several large racks of gear. The final buyer must pick up all equipment in person.

The eBay listing has an entire manifest of the auction, which lists items we haven't even thought about for thirty years. For more information, contact the site.