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Apple shifting suppliers for Face ID component on iPhone 15 Pro

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple is switching suppliers for its Face ID components in the 2023 iPhone, reportedly because it improves the performance and power consumption.

Currently, Kuo says that the combination of Lumentum's design work and Win Semi's production means their Face ID components are in 50% of the iPhone 14 series. He reports that Apple is switching to Sony, and the previous companies' share will decrease to between 30% and 40% with the iPhone 15 range.

Kuo believes that Sony offers "technological advantages," and specifically the firm can " reduce power consumption (beneficial for battery life) or provide better ToF performance under same power consumption (beneficial for camera & potential AR applications)."

While Kuo does not say this, if the improvement is significant, it's likely that only capacity constraints will prevent Sony getting a larger share. Kuo does predict that in future, Sony will "likely continue taking Lumentum/Win Semi's orders from other brand customers."

This news of Apple's changing of suppliers for an iPhone 15 Pro component comes as Kuo also predicts supplier restructuring for the Apple MR headset.