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Casetify 'The Office' cases review: Your favorite TV characters to rep your fandom

The Office case

The Office cases from Casetify

4.0 / 5

Casetify's new accessories collection brings all the fan-favorite characters from "The Office" to your Apple gear with iPhone cases, AirPods cases, and more.

The new lineup spans several Apple device categories. You can get a protective case that looks like a ream of Dunder Mifflin copy paper for your iPad. There's a MagSafe-compatible wireless charger that looks like a magnet advertising Vance Refrigeration.

Or maybe you'd like to try a MagSafe wallet that looks like you picked it up at a trade show with the WUPH.com logo on the back. The point is, there is a lot to love for "The Office" fans.

Here, we opted to test three cases for our iPhone 14 Pro.

Two of Casetify's new designs
Two of Casetify's new designs

One case is clear with a Dunder Mifflin employee badge plastered on the back. You can choose between Michael Scott, Pam Beasley, Angela Martin, Creed Bratton, Toby Flenderson, and Dwight Schrute.

What makes it better is you can make your employee badge. Then, you can upload any photo of your choice and have yourself, your friend, or a family member as an official Dunder Mifflin employee.

Our own Dunder Mifflin badge
Our own Dunder Mifflin badge

Needless to say, we had to try this for ourselves. So we hopped onto Casetify's website, where we could upload a photo. Unfortunately, Casetify only accepts JPG images, and you'll have to convert your image from HEIC if shot on your iPhone.

You can further customize your case by choosing the style case, from the lightweight Impact case to the more protective Bounce case.

Our own Dunder Mifflin badge
Our own Dunder Mifflin badge

Another favorite was the Schrute Bucks case. It's denoted as a "motivational tool," lest anyone mistake it for legitimate currency.

The Office case with faux stickers
The Office case with faux stickers

Best of all, though, at least in our opinion, is the sticker case. This case is covered in "stickers," highlighting many little jokes from the series.

You've got Pam's pervert poster, Michael's iconic mug, an advert for Alfredo's Pizza Cafe, a Saber sticker, and more. In testing it, we've had so many people want to examine it and pleasantly reminisce about their favorite jokes.

Casetify 'The Office' cases - Pros

  • So many "The Office" callbacks and references
  • Officially licensed merchandise
  • Styles for iPhone, AirPods, iPad, and Mac
  • Customizable options for different styles
  • Extremely protective cases
  • High quality and durable printing

Casetify 'The Office' cases - Cons

  • High-end prices
  • Very specific fan-base appeal, and not for everybody
  • Only a handful of styles, some accessories have only one design option

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy

The products range in price from $38 to $98 and are available through Casetify's website and companion app.