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Is Apple about to announce a 'Broadcast' App?

'Broadcasts' denied for Apple name collision

Apple has just denied an update to years-old internet radio and live streaming app "Broadcasts," based on a name-likeness rule that is used to prevent developers from copying Apple app names.

Longtime developer, code sleuth, and Apple commentator Steve Troughton-Smith has just been denied a routine update to a Mac version of his app, "Broadcasts." The app is more than two years old, according to the App Store listing, and it hasn't encountered a naming issue before.

On Monday, the developer received a notice that the macOS version of his app was denied after review for invalid binary. The specific issue number Apple provided was ITMS-90129.

Apple listed the issue as "The bundle uses a bundle name or display name that is already taken." However, that code is nearly always used when a submitted app comes too close to an Apple app name.

Apps have had this happen before, and it is a regular occurrence since Apple tends to choose single-word names that describe exactly what the app is for. Apple's Home, Messages, Contacts, and Calendar apps are good examples of this naming convention.

"Broadcasts" is a utility that enables users to listen to internet-hosted radio shows and compatible live streams. Among the Apple fan community, it is also popularly used to live stream podcasts like those from

AppleInsider reached out to Apple and Steve Troughton-Smith for comment. Apple hasn't provided a response.

Steve Troughton-Smith shared with us that this whole thing could be a bug, but he's resubmitted the app for review in the meantime.

There are a handful of obvious reasons why Apple would release an app called "Broadcast." It could be used for Apple TV+ sports-related broadcasts or act as a dedicated app for streaming Apple Music Radio.

Another possible explanation is that Apple's app review team denied the app by mistake — which has been known to occur. The iOS version of "Broadcasts" is still being reviewed, and if it is denied for the same reason, it might indicate an impending Apple app.

Update: Apple has approved the "Broadcast" app update after resubmitting it. No additional reasoning behind the initial denial or later approval was provided.