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Apple self-driving test program grows to over 200 drivers

Apple has over 200 test drivers

Data from the California DMV shows Apple has 67 vehicles and 201 drivers registered for testing autonomous driving features on public roads.

The California DMV requires companies that are testing autonomous driving features to register key details, like the number of drivers and vehicles in use. Apple's fleet hasn't changed much since 2021, but the number of drivers has slowly increased.

According to data obtained by macReports, Apple has increased its authorized drivers from 196 to 201 since January 2023. The number of vehicles remained steady at 67.

Other data included in the report comes from other manufacturers and their test bodies. There is also a list of driverless testers, which Apple is not a part of.

Apple registered one collision during the first quarter of 2023, but it was a minor one. The vehicle's tire and rim made contact with a curb, and authorities were not involved.

Apple has reported 16 total collisions in California since registering.

The data shows Apple's continued commitment to testing self-driving tools for cars. It is registered alongside other manufacturers like Mercedes, Waymo, Tesla, Nvidia, and Zoox.

Years of rumors, patents, and not-so-secret test facilities suggest an Apple Car could be on the way. However, recent rumors state that Apple has stopped prioritizing autonomous driving and will include a steering wheel.

Despite that, Apple will surely continue to test the technology until it becomes viable as a consumer product on the road. The Apple Car is currently expected sometime in 2026 or later.