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Smart AirTag leads cops to dumb thief wearing victim's socks

AirTag on a bag

Police tracked a suspected luggage thief with an AirTag that the owner wisely stashed in his luggage, and busted the bandit wearing the owner's clothes.

In yet another incident where AirTags reunited an owner with their suitcase, Jameel Reid in Georgia recovered his luggage and "about $3,000 worth of stuff" in it.

According to Good Morning America, Reid said his silver roller bag went missing after he flew from Los Angeles to the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. When he was unable to locate his baggage at the airport, he checked his iPhone to use the Find My app.

"I pulled out my phone and it was showing that it was at Grady Memorial hospital," he said. "I was looking at [it] for a couple of minutes, and it's still saying, 'Grady.'"

When a couple of days later, he saw the AirTag moving near the airport, he reported the situation to the police. Reid pinpointed where the missing bag was, and responding officers arrested a suspect on site.

Reid's luggage after it had been recovered
Reid's luggage after it had been recovered (source: Good Morning America)

Reid's belongings, including the socks but also Jordan sneakers, more clothes, and a VR headset were returned to him. It's not known whether he kept the socks.

Recently, a couple from Ontario similarly tracked their luggage after it had gone missing at an airport. They also used AirTags, they also recovered their belongings, but in their case, Air Canada has seemingly donated their luggage to charity.