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Bad Apple Maps data leads to droves looking for lost Apple products at same Texas address

Find My can be a useful tool, when Apple Maps is accurate

An apparent Apple Maps address mishap led multiple confused and angry people to one Texas man's home — all claiming Find My says their lost device is at his address.

Apple's Find My application lets users track their various Apple products and compatible accessories. It is especially useful when a device goes missing or is considered stolen.

According to a report from Inside Edition, a man named Scott Schuster from Texas has been bombarded by people looking for their lost Apple devices. They show up at random hours throughout the day and night, claiming Find My shows his address.

None of the missing devices are in or around his home. Even more bizarre, the Find My map shows different locations around his area but lists his address.

In an Instagram post, he points out that an image shows a set of AirPods at a location a half mile from his home, but his address is shown. The same post states that he intends to sue Apple if this problem isn't resolved.

An Apple Maps problem

It wasn't initially clear why Find My would default to his address. Schuster had a theory — his home was a model for tours when the neighborhood was being built.

That likely means his home was one of the first with a registered mailing address. The neighborhood has the updated Apple Maps data with Look Around enabled, and he's lived in his home since 2018.

AppleInsider reached out to Schuster to clarify the details of his situation. In the time since the initial report, he has figured out the likely cause.

Every home in his neighborhood has the same address in Apple Maps — his address. So, no matter where a device was lost in that region, it would show his home address.

He has filed a report with Apple Maps to get this corrected. Schuster is concerned that one day, the wrong person will show up with violent intentions, so he hopes to get the problem resolved quickly.