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Apple Savings is expected to finally launch on April 17

Apple Savings may launch soon

The code for Apple's high-yield Savings account is live on the server's backend, and new examination of the code suggests that the launch will happen in the next few days.

Earlier on Thursday, Twitter user @aaronp613 discovered that the Apple Savings account backend is now active. It suggests Apple is finalizing the necessary steps to make the service available.

Aaron reexamined the code in a separate tweet and found a possible launch date for Monday, April 17. The code also suggests the Savings account will require iOS 16.3 or later to use the feature.

Customers can transfer their Daily Cash rewards from their Apple Card to their high-yield account in Apple Wallet when available. Goldman Sachs will provide the Savings account, just like the Apple Card.

In October, Apple revealed the savings account and promised it would be accessible soon. The function was mentioned in the release candidate notes for iOS 16.1, but it was not included in the final release.