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Casetify Lion King cases review: Disney's animated classic comes to outfit your iPhone

Casetify The Lion King cases

4.5 / 5

Casetify has been on a roll lately with its officially licensed iPhone case designs, with the latest springing from its "Lion King" collection.

Joining the USPS, The Office, Pokemon, and many others is the new set of designs featuring iconic images from The Lion King. We nabbed two of the styles to review.

The first of the two iPhone cases shows a silhouette of Rafiki holding Simba in the air from Pride Rock. What we love about the design of this case, is that it is a semi-transparent orange case that allows the inner MagSafe magnets to shine through.

Embedded MagSafe magnets

With the placement of the artwork, it looks almost as if the MagSafe ring is the sun backlighting the characters. Just a fantastic way to utilize what's there to enhance the image.

The case is a gradient, going more orange on the top and bottom while the center is more yellow. The translucent material also lets the Apple logo come through just a hair.

Pride Rock case
Pride Rock case

It's enough to see it, but not enough to detract from the design.

The second case we tried has the well-known Hakuna Matata scene represented. There's the animated Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba all smiling back at you amidst a bunch of foliage.

This case too, is translucent, this time with a dark green hue to represent the song's setting.

Hakuna Matata everyone
Hakuna Matata everyone

When you choose a design, there are six case styles to choose from. Three support MagSafe, while three of them don't. We have the Impact and Ultra Impact cases

Raised corners on the Ultra Impact case
Raised corners on the Ultra Impact case

The Pride Rock case is the Impact case while the Hakuna Matata case is the Ultra Impact case. You can see the significantly raised corners of the Ultra Impact case that will further protect your phone in a drop.

Not shown are the clear case and the mirror case. The former supports MagSafe while the latter doesn't.

Should you buy Casetify's Lion King cases?

We'll always happily recommend Casetify cases. While they aren't the cheapest on the market, they are remarkably protective and lock down some of the most iconic characters and IP.

The case maker has seemingly had a successful run with Disney as it has already featured several other Disney properties like the classic Mickey's Clubhouse , Star Wars, Up, and Monster's Inc.

Two of Casetify's new The Lion King designs
Two of Casetify's new The Lion King designs

If you don't like the original Lion King, you probably aren't going to be scrambling to adorn your case with its characters but if you are, Casetify has you covered.

The cases are well made, protective, and the printing looks great and holds up well over time. In total, there are eight designs for the smartphone cases.

For those that want to show their loyalty, Casetify also has Apple Watch bands, iPad cases, magnetic chargers, AirPods cases, and more that sport similar imagery.

Casetify The Lion King cases — Pros

  • Iconic scenes from the classic film
  • Printing holds up well over time
  • Multiple levels of protection available
  • MagSafe support built-in
  • Clear cases are a nice touch

Casetify The Lion King cases — Cons

  • Not the cheapest cases

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Where to buy Casetify's The Lion King iPhone cases

Buy your own The Lion King case — or accessory — from Casetify's website, starting at $72 for the iPhone 14 series.