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Home automation standard Matter gets its first update since release

HomePod mini and Matter logo

Matter, the new smart home standard that launched in late 2022 is getting an update, but it doesn't look like it's bringing anything new to consumers.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) is the governing body behind Matter, and today it has announced the first major update for the standard. With Matter 1.1, the CSA is squashing bugs, but that's about it.

As it stands, there aren't any major new additions to the standard with this update. Which makes it a relatively quiet update following several months of general silence since Matter launched in October of last year.

Matter is supported by the major players in the smart home game, including Apple, Amazon, and Google. On the side of Apple, smart home products like the HomePod mini support Matter.

Matter 1.1 welcomes bug fixes and general tweaks all meant for developers. The CSA is not adding support for different smart home products like robot vacuums or garage door controllers, for instance. Supporting these types of devices is still the plan, but there's no timeline just yet.

The update does boost support for battery-operated devices, though, with the CSA saying:

"Matter 1.1 enhances support for a category of devices that apply to many smart home products — Intermittently Connected Devices (ICDs). Sometimes called 'sleepy devices,' these are typically battery-powered devices like contact, motion, and temperature sensors as well as door locks and switches that need to conserve power for optimal operation and lifespan. The additional support reduces the likelihood that a device will be reported as offline when users or platforms interact with it. These improvements mean developers will find it easier to optimize their products and create better user experiences."

The press release today announcing the new update also confirms that Matter is launching a testing center in Portland, Oregon. The Matter 1.1 specification, along with the Matter 1.1 SDK, are available to download today.