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New watchOS 9.5.1 update includes bug fixes & improvements

watchOS gets a new update

Apple has made a watchOS 9.5.1 update available to users nearly two weeks after the release of watchOS 9.5, containing unknown bug fixes.

Following the May 18 launch of watchOS 9.5, Apple has released the watchOS 9.5.1 update. However, this recent update's enhancements, modifications, or bug fixes are still uncertain.

The latest update of watchOS 9.5.1 has a build number of 20T570, up from the previous release at 20T562.

How to Update

To download watchOS 9.5.1, users can access the Apple Watch app on their iPhone and navigate to General > Software Update. To install the updated software, the Apple Watch must meet certain conditions.

  • It should have a minimum battery level of 50%
  • Be connected to a charger
  • Remain within range of the iPhone

Devices also update automatically within a few days, depending on the user's settings.