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Apple Park needed an expansion to contain WWDC headset demos

Apple Park's new structures [Cider Collective]

A pair of buildings have popped up inside and outside of Apple Park, with one built to house a demonstration area for its hotly-anticipated mixed-reality headset.

Apple Park is a very large campus, but it seems the launch of an entirely new platform for the company may be too much to be confined to its existing buildings. For WWDC, it appears that Apple has added more structures specifically to show off its new products, including the Apple VR headset.

Following Mark Gurman's claims from Sunday that there were temporary structures in place for demonstrating products, drone images of Apple Park have surfaced, showing the locations and the sizes of the buildings.

Supplied by Cider Collective to 9to5Mac, the two structures are large square buildings in very different locations. One is based near the employee fitness center in the northwest edge of the campus, while a second is closer to the Apple Park Visitor Center.

While the former is likely to be a product demonstration area outright, the latter may be an attempt to make life better for in-person attendees during the keynote. It appears the structure will provide shade from the sun, which will help people see the video screen displaying the keynote itself.

Apple is largely expected to show off its rumored headset, as well as Mac updates, at its two structures after the keynote concludes.

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