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You can buy 'Ted Lasso' AFC Richmond shirts & scarves from Nike

New "Ted Lasso" merchandise at Apple Park

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After initially appearing to solely be sold at the Apple Park visitor center, new "Ted Lasso" merchandise can now be bought online from Nike.

First it was rumored that Apple would sell "Ted Lasso" goods online, then the shirts were spotted at Apple Park. Now Nike has begun selling 11 different "AFC Richmond" tops, plus a couple of scarves.

The tops comprise five t-shirts, which sell for $35, plus hoodies and a $105 men's Nike Stadium Jersey with AFC Richmond logo.

This "Ted Lasso" shirt is $35

There are currently two scarves, each selling for $50, including one that says "Believe."

A "Believe" scarf sells for $50

It's not clear whether Nike has the exclusive distribution rights, apart from an arrangement with the Apple Park visitor center. It has been reported that all other Apple Stores were ordered to destroy promotional material for the merchandise launch.

That would mean that other Apple Stores had the promo material and were presumably due to launch. Such a late and costly change suggests that there are some contractual issues.

"Ted Lasso" was the first breakout hit for Apple TV+, and has just concluded its third and seemingly final season.