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Beats Studio Pro release could happen very soon

Beats Solo Pro

The rumored "Beats Studio Pro" have resurfaced once again, with an FCC filing appearance indicating a launch for the headphones could happen soon.

FCC filings are regulatory documents that also act as a sign that Apple is preparing to launch new products at some point in the future. With the surfacing of a listing for "Beats Studio Pro," it seems that new personal audio hardware could be on the way.

The FCC filing mentions the model number A2924. Previously, the Beats Studio Pro appeared in code references in a macOS beta in May, under the name "Beats Headset" and the identical model number A2924.

A leaker at the time claimed the reference was for Beats Studio Pro.

Shortly after the tweet, images of headsets that could've been the Beats Studio Pros were distributed. It was also claimed that the headset would allow users to quickly change between ANC and Transparency modes of noise cancellation by pressing twice on a single button.

Though there is no official launch date expected for the "Beats Studio Pro," a summer launch for the model could occur, considering Beats launches aren't necessarily scheduled to the same clockwork regularity as Apple.

The discovery occurs the same day as Apple hired famed A-Cold-Wall designer Samuel Ross to work as the first Principal Design Consultant for Beats.